Simple & Automated

No gardening expertise required. Ponos combines a smart home appliance with automated Grow Plans to make growing easy and fun. Quick-change cartridges for nutrients and PH-balancing solutions make maintenance a cinch, and an intuitive mobile app tracks your plants and tells you when it's time to harvest.


It feels great to eat better and be sustainable while also saving money. From herbs, to vegetables, to fruits, Ponos enables a wider variety of plants than can be grown by other home hydroponics systems, or that can be grown in a limited outdoor climate. Grow the world's diverse produce from the comfort of your own home. 

Just the beginNing

Our Ponos provides a secure, cloud-based hub for all your home automation information, and enriches it with machine learning and external data to improve results over time. As Ponos expands its products and capabilities, you'll have the ideal foundation for a modern, sustainable home.

Ponos X

Ponos X has the same brains as Ponos 1 but without the enclosure, which means you're free to use it on any system you want to.  You get the monitoring, control, alerting, and automation but the freedom of your imagination to design your very own system or using on your existing one.  That means can control and monitor everything from our mobile app and have all the great piece of mind automation and alerting.  Plus, look how cool this thing is!

hydroponic dashboard
Hydroponic Biome

Ponos Dashboard

Easily monitor and manage the automated control of your Ponos system.  Be it Ponos 1 or Ponos X, we've got you covered!  The dashboard lets you adjust the settings to meet your specific growing needs.


We told you all you need to do is tell the Ponos app what you want to grow and the rest is automagically taken care of for you.  Well, this is where you do that.  You can fine tune and tweak your settings or adopt another system's settings from the Ponos Community.