Fully connected and ready to start growing.  Select a Grow Plan from the Ponos app and you're all set.

Optimized LEDs

Turns out, plants only care about a few wavelengths.  So we used fancy NASA research to optimize our LED array for photosynthesis.

Environment Sensors

Our sensors monitor all aspects of the system and then automatically adjust the system to optimize your plant growth in real-time.

Machine LEarning

Ponos Grow Plans make it easy to start out growing plants instantly.  Our machine learning actually improves everyone's systems over time.

Social Sharing

Show off your amazing, fresh produce to all your friends and learn from the Ponos community all from your Ponos app.


Check in on your plants any time you want to. Snap a picture, create a time lapse, or just marvel at your hydroponic glory.

Smart Chip

We use the same chips in your smartphones to process all this information and control everything making the system future proof.

Smartphone App

What good would all this be if you didn't get a sweet app to check up on everything with and keep your mind at ease.  Well, we got you covered.